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How ThermoBoost Exercise Fits Into Weight Loss

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Most people don’t make the connection between lifting weights as an exercise and losing body fat because they only see that it helps to improve strength. But times are changing and research is proving that a specific type of strength training has a HUGE impact on your ability to shed “fat weight” while preserving your muscle mass… the driving force behind how healthy your metabolism is.

ThermoBoost exercise is the one of the most effective exercise techniques that has recently been uncovered by research scientists in the area of thermodynamics. It combines the principles of thermodynamics, a branch of physics that deals with heat and temperature, with muscle physiology and exercise science.

ThermoBoost is a form of resistance exercise that is designed to help you reach the deepest (and most difficult to stimulate) muscles fibers in the muscles you’re exercising during a strength training session. It focuses on getting the maximum benefit of the slow-lowering phase of each repetition you perform which has been shown to push the afterburn E.P.O.C. (excess post-exercise oxygen consumption) of body fat at rest for up to 5 days.

If your metabolism favors using (burning) a higher percentage of fat when you’re in a state of inactivity, which it should be if it’s on the healthier side, then it may be the ultimate proven exercise method for blasting belly bloat, destroying flab, shrinking fat cells, and stoking your metabolism.

Here’s The Science Behind The Technique

Personal Training near Newtown

Marc Roig , PhD , head of the Muscle Biophysics Laboratory at the University of British Columbia , and colleagues examined 66 studies reported within the past 50 years that compared slow, lowering–style resistance training with normal training . In the most complete and meticulous literature review on the subject to date , Roig concluded that slow lowering (negative or eccentric) training was significantly more effective in improving muscle function and metabolic burn rate of fat than regular, traditional training .

He also found that when you lose muscle, particularly starting at age 40, what muscle you have left becomes infused with fat. This hampers muscle function, which eventually leads to a downturn in your resting metabolism rate… the amount of calories you naturally burn each day.

A New Approach To An Already Effective Type Of Exercise For Fat Loss

Since slow lowering-style resistance exercise enhances your ability to lose more body fat AFTER the exercise session is complete (at rest), then how slow must you go? Carefully documented trials indicate that it is NOT how slow you can go, but rather WHEN you move the resistance slower.

The ThermoBoost form of resistance exercise dictates that the best time to perform a slow-lowering repetition is at the beginning and at the end of a set of repetitions, with faster repetitions done in between. Accordingly, the first repetition begins with a 30-second lowering-only repetition, followed by several regular speed repetitions, and then finishing with another 30-second lowering-only repetition. At Genesis Personal Fitness, we refer to it as a “30-10-30” sequence.

The Effort Is Worth The Results

Statistically speaking, certified personal trainers using the ThermoBoost technique throughout the U.S. are reporting unprecedented improvements in client’s body composition (fat loss while maintaining lean muscle) with only two 30-minute ThermoBoost sessions per week. The powerful results that are being documented include 1.5-2X greater fat loss, overcoming weight loss plateaus, and more.

While more research will surely prove even more benefits beyond just weight management, it is likely that the ThermoBoost technique will rise as a sought-after approach to easier and faster weight loss because it promotes better calorie burn AFTER exercise than most other types of exercise.

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