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  • Fad Diets: Explained

    Fad Diets: Explained

    In today’s world of constant social media, news, and other media outlets there are a lot of diets being thrown around out there. A lot of times these diets sound good on paper but may not be very beneficial for a person.In this article I will describe some of the main diet and nutritional fads out there. Remember before starting a diet always check with your physician or licensed nutritional professional before you start. Keto Diet: This diet is an extremely low carb diet; the point of the diet is to lower your Carbohydrate, so it turns your fat source into keystones. This is not a beneficial diet and is typically not recommend this diet unless the person has epilepsy or a ....

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  • Vitamins & Minerals 101

    Vitamins & Minerals 101

    One of the most important parts of a healthy lifestyle is incorporating vitamins and minerals. If you do not know what these are below is a chart of all the essential vitamins and minerals, as well as their functions. Vitaminsare organic substances. This means they come from plants and animals. Vitamins are needed for human health and development. Vitamin A Growth and development Immune function Red blood cell formation Reproduction Vision Vitamin B1 Thiamine Converts food to energy Nervous system function Vitamin B2 Riboflavin Converts food to energy Used for growth and development Red blood cell formation Vitamin B3 Niacin ....

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  • How To Calculate Caloric Intake

    The best way to lose weight or build muscle is through your diet. Along side a proper exercise program, of course. You can exercise as much as you want but if you don’t have a good diet result will be little to none. For starters, try to startloggingyour daily intake.Thenbased on your goals, you candecideto cut or increase your calories. On average women need 2,000 calories to maintain their body weight and should consume 1,500 to lose a pound a week. Men averagely need 2,500 calories to maintain weight and 2,000 to lose a pound a week of course this is just an average and does not include everybody. When looking to change your bodycomposition, itis recommend ....

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  • What Is Magnesium Good For?

    WHAT IS MAGNESIUM ? Magnesium is a mineral, that is vital for Blood pressure regulation • Blood sugar regulation • Bone formation • Energy production • Hormone secretion • Immune function • Muscle contraction • Nervous system function • Normal heart rhythm • Protein formation ....

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  • All About Inflammation

    All About Inflammation

    Inflammation is a primary function of your body’s defensive mechanism, that aids with healing by removing harmful or foreign pathogens.The basic physiological function starts with White Blood Cells or your body's defensive cells.These WBC cells are used to fight off foreign substances in your body, and in turn, an inflammatory process will follow. The way the inflammatory process is designed to work is when a foreign substance invades your body, receptors on a cell surface will release a variety of chemicals.These chemicals will cause your blood vessels to dilate and increase your capillary permeability bringing more blood into the area. The increased blood flow will also give off ....

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  • What Is Keto?

    What Is Keto?

    The Keto Diet is one of the most popular ‘fad’ diets that has been heavily promoted in recent years as a quick way to lose fat. The diet is promoted to everyone, this diet is only “realistically” do-able for young adults and older, but it is the idea encompassing the diet that makes it so appealing. Essentially the Keto Diet is most simply known for cutting out Carbohydrates from your diet to get your body's main source of burning energy from ketones, not glucose. Carbohydrates are broken down into sugars known primarily known as Glucose, your body's primary source of energy. In the Keto Diet, the consumption of very few carbs and more fat eliminates the body from ....

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  • How To Enjoy A Healthy Vacation

    How To Enjoy A Healthy Vacation

    Everyone needs a vacation, from the crazy workload, hectic life schedules, and sometimes we just need to take a breath and rejuvenate. This brings up the issue of how do I stay eating healthy? On vacation, we often eat out more and have put aside money for this into our travel budget. Below are some tips to help you not feel guilty after a nice long vacation. Plan-Having a plan for where you will eat on vacation, will keep you from stopping at unnecessary places where you might be potentially tempted to buy more food.Plan your trip out as detailed as possible, look at local places you want to try, grocery stores, convenience stores ect.If taking a flight think of convenience ....

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  • How To Optimize Your Grocery Shopping

    How To Optimize Your Grocery Shopping

    When people think of buying healthy foods there is often an association with higher costs.Going into the produce section of a grocery store can be overwhelming especially when you are trying to save money.It’s much easier to buy a big bag of chips for one dollar that could give you something to snack on for the next few days, over a bag of apples that might be four dollars. In this article, I will be giving you some tips as to what to do when you go grocery shopping so you can buy healthier food for less than you think! The first thing to understand is the psychology behind a grocery store, the placement of the different departments is not random. It is all very clever marketing ....

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  • What To Eat After Workouts

    What To Eat After Workouts

    When it comes to training, recovery is one of the most important and often overlooked factors. A good recovery helps a person achieve better results, makes them feel better, and is crucial for your body to heal.One part of a person’s recovery process takes place in the immediate aftermath of a workout.Knowing what to eat post-workout will not only aid in recovery but will also help in increasing performance. Timing- One question many people have when it comes to post-workout meals is, when should I eat for the most benefit?Most, people think the sooner the better. This is true to a certain extent; you do not want to wait four hours before you consume your next meal. But ....

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  • Top Tips for Supplements

    Top Tips for Supplements

    We have all been there, looking through a fitness magazine, scrolling on social media, watching TV. Then all of a sudden, a product is being introduced to you. It often brings promises of making you look the best you can, it will help you get strong and healthy. Through clever marketing, after one sees this, they are often immediately interested and might even go to the store and buy some with the dream of achieving the promises the supplements offer. While some supplements offer benefits particularly if you are deficient in vitamin D for example, a supplement may be worth your money; however, sometimes purchasing a supplement can be confusing and too costly. Keep reading for our top ten ....

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