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  • What Happens When Blood Glucose is Too High or Too Low?

    What Happens When Blood Glucose is Too High or Too Low?

    Glucose is a sugar that we obtain from food that circulates within our blood. We use this sugar as our body's main source of energy. When we consume food, the sugar enters our body and moves from our digestive system to our blood stream. When our blood sugar concentrations increase, insulin is released from the pancreas and into our bloodstream. Insulin moves glucose from our blood into our cells, as this process happens our blood glucose levels return to normal.Excess glucose gets stored in our liver and muscles as glycogen. Glycogen helps our body remain in a stable state of homeostasis. Our cells need insulin and glucose to remain healthy. Too much or too little blood glucose to ....

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  • Why Managing Blood Sugar Is Critical to All

    Why Managing Blood Sugar Is Critical to All

    Long term blood sugar management is critical to health, as well as to body composition. Management of our blood sugar can prevent diseases such as type 2 diabetes, insulin resistance and lower the risk of cardiovascular events. Blood sugar levels fluctuate throughout the day, which is perfectly normal but it is important to maintain this at normal level. Times throughout the time of overeating, especially high glycemic foods, or long periods of no eating can place stress on our bodies and cause our levels to drop quickly. This stress response may release norepinephrine and epinephrine into our blood stress, which chronically can lead to a problem. Chronic, unmanaged stress will also ....

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  • Genesis Personal Fitness COVID 19 Protocols

    We are excited to be, safely, open for all of our members! Since our center opened on June 8th, 2020 we can proudly announce no COIVD-19 exposure or cases within our facility. Please see below for our current procedures to keep all staff & clients safe within our facility. Limit occupancy to no more than 12 people at any one time, including staff, within our 2000 sq ft, appointment only facility. Maintain our status as a medical fitness facility. This will require us to make sure we are communicating with the doctors regarding the fitness progress of the members they recommended come to us. This only applies to those members who have signed the release allowing us to send this ....

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  • 3 Ways to Stick To Your New Year's Fitness Resolutions

    3 Ways to Stick To Your New Year's Fitness Resolutions

    Have you set your New Year's fitness resolutions yet? It is important to set goals that are attainable and not too crazy. People often go into the new year wanting to change around their whole life. It is impossible to get in shape, drink more water, cut out carbs, stop drinking all at the same time. This is why most people do not achieve their resolutions' or fall off the wagon by the end of the month! The best way to achieve your resolutions is to set realistic goals that you can attain. Here's 3 tips to help you set your fitness resolutions this year: 1. Set SMART Goals. Specific: Set exactly what you want to achieve. Make it focused so it is not too large. Measurable: Provide a way ....

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  • Four Tips to Stay on Track This Holiday Season

    Four Tips to Stay on Track This Holiday Season

    The holidays can be a challenging time for all, especially this year when gatherings with loved ones are limited. Now is an as important time as ever to make sure you are staying safe and staying committed to your health and fitness goals. See below for our top four tips to stay on track this holiday season: 1.ScheduleYour Workouts Ahead of Time.Try your best to keep your normal workout routine. Consistency is key. Genesis offers virtual training that can be done anywhere! Having a personal trainer is one of the best ways to achieve your health and fitness goals. 2. Focus on Veggies atHoliday Meals.The holidays are full of cookies, sweets & overindulging. Vegetables are high in ....

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  • How To Cope with Holiday Stress & COVID Anxiety

    How To Cope with Holiday Stress & COVID Anxiety

    This holiday season combined with the events of 2020 have put us under more stress than ever before. Worries over COVID, changing conditions at work, restructured family obligations, and even politics have all played a part in the state of our unease. The strategies below may help you manage your tensions and hopefully help you to find some peace during this holiday season. Two important questions to ask yourself: Ask yourself, “is this something that I can control?” If it is not then ask yourself, “how can I better cope with the situation?” Many times the answer may involve both the “control” and “coping” mechanisms. ....

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  • Personal Training vs. Virtual Training

    Personal Training vs. Virtual Training

    With unprecedented times we have adjusted to a new “normal”, in the fitness & health world this means a greater reliance on virtual training. As we see another spike in coronavirus cases we still need to stay focused on our health and fitness goals, in and outside of the studio. You may find yourself not seeing the need or importance of virtual personal training, but we can assure you it is highly necessary as well as effective. We get questions all the time about virtual personal training, but when you break it down it is just as valuable as in-studio personal training! What’s The Difference? Besides the location and equipment, nothing . Virtual ....

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  • Less is More - The Power of 10

    In the fitness world, more is not always better. Over exercising can lead to a variety of harmful issues; injury, persistent soreness and fatigue, greater chance of illness, less motivation, and mood swings to name a few. On top of all that over-exercising takes up a lot of time, which most people don't have! This is where a training model known as The Power of 10 comes in, which is what we do at Genesis. Slow cadence, high-intensity exercisefor about 20-30 minutes a few times a week is all you need! The Power of 10 works by slowing down the speed of each repetition, 10 seconds up & 10 seconds down, to target deeper muscle fibers. (This also reduces chance of injury!) With this type ....

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  • Vitamins & Minerals: Elena's Top Picks

    Vitamins & Minerals: Elena's Top Picks

    Vitamins and minerals are compounds our body needs to function properly. A diet full of fruits, vegetables, whole grains and other healthy options is the best way for our bodies to get their vitamins and minerals; but sometimes diet is not enough. Supplementation can help us boost our nutrients and fill the gaps we are not receiving from our diet. Stores today contain endless amounts of vitamin and mineral supplements. How do we know what to choose? We asked our program director, Elena, this exact question! See below for the vitamins and minerals she thinks are the most essential: Iron Iron helps keep your body healthy and full of energy. Iron supplements are important for people ....

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  • Which Vitamins Are Essential to Your Health?

    Which Vitamins Are Essential to Your Health?

    The key to healthy living is a diet full of whole, nutrient-rich foods combined with a proper exercise routine. The nutrients in the foods we eat have a powerful effect on our physical and mental health. What we eat is essentially “our doctor prescription“ to help us prevent lots of disease and also help us feel better overall. We can not ignore that our food is like our delivery system for all the nutrients that keep us alive and well functioning. We also must not forget that our food creates a powerful foundation for our health and can have very special healing powers on our body. Whole foods contain several essential vitamins, minerals (micronutrients) and ....

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