Do You Want To Work Smarter Not Harder With Your Aerobic Exercise?

VO2 max is the ultimate indicator of cardiovascular fitness, making it important for individuals of all fitness levels to know. Results of the test focus on two important components: target workout zones and the fuels you’re burning during these zones. Knowing the results of your test and how to properly apply them to your weekly workouts will allow you to work smarter, not harder.

A VO2 max test is performed on a treadmill while wearing a mask and heart rate monitor, a technician will manipulate speed and grade of the treadmill. During VO2 max testing your body starts by using aerobic energy sources, or fat, as your source of fuel. As the intensity of the test keeps increasing your body is moving towards using sugar as fuel, or your anaerobic energy system. Your body responds differently moving through the different stages of the test and your heart rate is measured at these different metabolic changes. This is used to determine your different training zones.

  • Low Intensity Zone (100% Fat): Heart & lungs are easily providing oxygen to support exercise & burn stored fat. Helps condition your metabolism to burn fat.
  • Moderate Intensity Zone (Fat & Sugar Mix): Burning fat at the start, fat-burning capacity diminishes at higher end of zone & start to rely more on sugar/anaerobic energy source. Trains your body to exercise longer before becoming fatigued.
  • High Intensity Zone (Mostly Sugar): Relying on anaerobic energy source, building an oxygen debt so will not burn fat for fuel. Helps expand tolerance for harder exercise & improves your fat burning metabolism in short interval periods.
  • Peak Intensity Zone (100% Sugar): Based on your peak heart rate measured during test – highest intensity level. Helps maximize “after burn” effect. Improves your exercise & resting metabolism when done in short durations.

Each training zone will be matched with precise heart rates zones to ensure you are working at the proper intensity to optimize your workout to workout smarter and maximize fat burn. Exercising in your personalized training zones also ensures you do not push past your optimal zone, which will make your workouts more comfortable as well as decrease fatigue and injury.

In addition to specific training zones, VO2 max testing also looks at your recovery heart rate, another key indicator of fitness. Your recovery heart rate is a measure of how much your heart rate slows down in the first and second minute after exercise. A larger drop in heart rate post exercise indicates a greater fitness level. A slow decrease indicates a lower level of fitness, a decrease less than 12 bpm in the first minute of exercise could be mean a risk of cardiac disease.

All the results gained from VO2 max testing are beneficial to your workout regime as well as your health. VO2 Max testing is offered at Genesis Personal Fitness, contact us to schedule a test, to learn more about our programs or for more information on health & fitness topics.  


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