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Can You Increase Your Metabolic Rate?

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Can You Increase Your Metabolic Rate?

Metabolism, in simple terms, is the rate in which the human body burns calories. When someone says metabolism, it usually refers to their metabolic rate. Metabolic rate is essentially how fast your body is able to turn calories into energy. It’s pretty simple. If a person has a fast metabolism, then they will theoretically burn more calories, and on the flip side, if a person has a slow metabolism, they will in turn burn fewer calories.

This is why people are always trying to emphasize the importance of having, or increasing one’s metabolism. If you can burn more calories throughout the day, it will be much easier for you to lose weight, and maintain your weight over the long haul. Of course there are many factors that will play a role in one’s metabolism being slower or faster, and we will not go too deep into this matter right now, but for the most part, many people will have the ability to increase ones metabolism through food, diet, exercise, and mental well-being. Follow along below for some things you can do to increase your metabolism.

1. Focus on your macro-nutrients

  • Protein is essential for maintaining lean muscle mass and repairing muscle tissue. The amino acids in proteins are basically the building blocks of muscles. It also energizes your muscles and strengthens your immune system.
  • Carbohydrates are your body's first source of fuel and energy because they are the easiest to metabolize. They are also very important to your body's organ and brain functionalities. Carbohydrates transport protein to your muscles. They also help protect your muscles, because your body will burn those carbohydrates for fuel instead of your main muscle
  • Fats protect your heart, cushion your joint and it is essential for brain function and memory.

2. Drink adequate water

  • Water is involved in all types of cellular processes in your body. When you become dehydrated, these processes become less efficient. This includes your metabolism. If you do not get enough water in your body, you will not be able to burn off fats quickly to lose weight. Take note that your metabolism is a series of chemical reactions inside your body. You need to stay hydrated in order for these chemical reactions to go smoothly.
  • Your body may have difficulty identifying if you are hungry or thirsty. So if you think that you are hungry, you may actually just be dehydrated. Instead of eating, you should try to drink water and see if you still feel hungry afterwards. Try drinking a glass of water before your meals as well.

3. Exercise Regularly

  • Aerobic training such a HIIT is highly effective when it comes to increasing metabolism. The fast-paced exercise technique has the ability to make your metabolic rate increase for up to 48 hours after you have performed an HIIT workout.
  • Weight training is probably one of the most effective methods for increasing your metabolism. When you are lifting weights you are essentially breaking down your muscles. In order for your body to recover, they will need to expend energy to rebuild them up. The process of rebuilding muscles takes a lot of energy and chemical processes, which in turn, burns more calories.

4. Reduce Stress

  • When you are stressed out your cortisol levels increase. This is bad if you desire to boost your metabolism. This is because when cortisol levels are present it releases glucose into your bloodstream, which will affect your metabolism.
  • Go for a walk, workout regularly, try mediation or spend try with friends & family doing something enjoyable. 

5. Make Sure You Are Getting Enough Sleep

  • When you get less sleep than you need, you usually feel tired and you lack energy even for little things. This can affect your metabolic rate. The bodies of people who don’t get enough sleep aren't able to control their blood sugar levels. As a result, sleep-deprived people often lower their own metabolism because they don't have the strength to break down food efficiently.
  • Try some simple tips such as: not eating an hour before bed, no late night TV, try doing yoga or taking a warm bath just before bed

6. Be Active Throughout The Day

  • The best thing to do is to always remember to stay active and never sit in a chair for more than a couple of hours. Walk around, do simple errands, or even do jumping jacks. Try as much as you can to move around. Being active throughout your day is important for helping you boost your metabolism.

7. Try Different Metabolism Boosting Foods!

  • Green Tea: has been shown to help decrease the process in which your body transforms glucose into fat
  • Fish: a good fat that helps you increase metabolism, through the hormone leptin, as well as many other healthy benefits
  • Apple Cider Vinegar: boosts metabolism & suppresses appetite
  • Pink Himalayan Salt: contains things like zinc, iron, magnesium, and calcium which help boost your metabolic rate. Also contain iodine which has a great impact on your metabolism in that helps control your thyroid gland.
  • Lean Meats: a great protein for increasing metabolic rate

Not one, single thing will increase your metabolic rate. Implementing some of the above tips, along with a consistent healthy lifestyle, can help you move towards having a faster metabolism. Genesis Personal Fitness offers resting and exercise metabolic rate testing as well as personalized nutrition programs. Contact us to learn more information about your metabolism!  


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