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Personal Training vs. Virtual Training

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Personal Training vs. Virtual Training

With unprecedented times we have adjusted to a new “normal”, in the fitness & health world this means a greater reliance on virtual training. As we see another spike in coronavirus cases we still need to stay focused on our health and fitness goals, in and outside of the studio. You may find yourself not seeing the need or importance of virtual personal training, but we can assure you it is highly necessary as well as effective. 

We get questions all the time about virtual personal training, but when you break it down it is just as valuable as in-studio personal training! 

What’s The Difference?

Besides the location and equipment, nothing. Virtual training can be done right from the comfort of your own home with the use of a video call and the equipment you own or just your body weight! During virtual training you still get the expertise of your personal trainer. Your trainer demonstrates proper form & technique as they walk you through a customized workout tailored to your abilities and goals. Think of virtual training as an extension to your in-studio Genesis workouts!

What If I Don’t Have Enough Space or Equipment?

No equipment, no problem! Body weight exercises can be just as, if not more, effective. Exercises can also be created with typical household items. At Genesis we can also offer you resistance bands, free of charge!

As for space, most exercises your trainer will have you perform require little to no space. In-studio we need space for the machines but at home you really only need enough space for the length of your body.

Will I Get The Same Workout?

Yes. First think about why you came to Genesis. Was it to gain strength? Lose weight? Improve body composition? Any workout or movement you do is moving you towards achieving those goals, whatever they may be! Although when using our Nautilus machines at Genesis our goal is to achieve muscle failure, our trainers can (and will) produce the same effect at home. Muscle failure can be achieved with free weights, resistance bands, kettlebells or your body weight! You will be surprised how sore you will feel after a virtual workout. 

I’m Walking Outside For Now, Is That Good Enough?

Aerobic activity is excellent and we are glad you are getting your body moving. But aerobic exercise doesn’t do much to help you build/maintain strength.  

So keep walking, but don’t stop strength training! 

Will The Workout Be Just as Intense?

Virtual sessions are extremely customizable. Your personal trainer will use a high level of creativity to make a program specific to you, your goals and limitations, and the equipment you have available. Ask our clients who have tried virtual training! They have seen positive results. 

Do Virtual Personal Training Sessions Cost The Same as In-Studio Sessions?

Yes & for a very important reason!  You are paying for the value of your personal trainer. Wither your trainer is customizing a workout for you to do at home or in-studio, they are the experts. And to be perfectly honest, your trainer spends more time designing your virtual workouts than the workouts done in the studio. Your personal trainer is the key to your success and the key to results. 

Is This a Waste of My Sessions?

NO! Your health is not on hold. Now is an especially important time to stay on track with your health and nutrition. You signed up for personal training to move towards your goals, why stop now? No time or money is wasted with the utilization of virtual personal training.

Please note virtual personal training workouts are much different than at-home workouts you may have seen or tried. These workouts are usually streamed through a video and no one is paying close attention to your form or customizing the workout to your needs and ability! The key word here is personal. 

What Happens If I Wait Until Genesis Is Open Or I Am Comfortable Coming In-Studio?

Genesis is currently open on a limited capacity, appointment only basis. But why wait? You risk losing strength and progress you have gained while at your time as part of the Genesis family. You also are putting yourself at risk of things like weight gain, increase in stress levels, and decrease in energy levels.

Our virtual training program will help you continue to get in your weekly strength workouts as well maintain results at minimum. So when you do come back in you can pick up right where you left off, if not stronger!  

Virtual Training Personal vs. In-Studio Personal Training

  • Virtual Sessions are still 1-on-1, appointment only, Live with your personal trainer

  • The cost of Virtual Sessions is the same, as the value of the session is the same.

  • The workout can be as intense as in-studio sessions, depending on the customized program your trainer put together for you

  • Waiting for the studios to open up is not a recommended plan of action. We can still help you reach your goals working remotely.

  • You don’t need space or equipment; we can work with what you have.

  • Your 1-on-1 sessions with a trainer will always provide more value for you than a video or guide ever could.

  • Walking is great for the body but it won’t help you maintain or gain strength.

  • We can work around distractions, interruptions and family members at home. We are all in the same boat!

Regardless of your goals, equipment, work, etc. We can agree NOT working out is NOT an option. Especially during a time like now when maintaining good health is crucial. Although Virtual sessions are a slightly different experience from In-studio sessions, we’re confident it will be a positive experience.

No matter what, keep working out. And the best way to continue working out is with your Trainer and using a method that is scientifically proven to get results and help you get them safely. And a bonus to all this, with virtual sessions you never have to miss a beat. Once the world re-opens, virtual training is always an option for when we are out of town!

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