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How To Cope with Holiday Stress & COVID Anxiety

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How To Cope with Holiday Stress & COVID Anxiety

This holiday season combined with the events of 2020 have put us under more stress than ever before.  Worries over COVID, changing conditions at work, restructured family obligations, and even politics have all played a part in the state of our unease.  The strategies below may help you manage your tensions and hopefully help you to find some peace during this holiday season.

Two important questions to ask yourself:

Ask yourself, “is this something that I can control?”  If it is not then ask yourself, “how can I better cope with the situation?”  Many times the answer may involve both the “control” and “coping” mechanisms.  Let’s take a look at the controllable factors first.

Controllable factors:

  • Control what you feed you mind – While it is important to watch the news and be aware what’s of going in the world, constantly seeing images of fear, negativity and anger make it hard to stay positive.  Instead, try to limit negative influences and replace them with things that uplift you.  Listen to music, audiobooks or other inspirational messages that feed your mind with hope and goodwill.
  • Keep yourself healthy – Making the world become a healthier place can start with you!  By keeping active, eating well, and getting enough sleep you’ll not only boost your immune system but also your spirits.  Countless studies have show how physical activity is one of the best ways to reduce stress.
  • Increase your communications – If you’re feeling isolated, reach out to others.  Your friends and family will probably appreciate it!  Zoom parties are a great way to get together as a group while one on one phone calls and video chats are useful in taking conversations to a deeper level.
  • Choose how to spend your time – There’s no question that these are difficult times yet you still have the choice on how you can spend your time.  It all comes down to your mindset.  You can just wait things out or you can use your time to improve yourself, improve your surroundings and even uplift others.

Non-controllable factors: How can you cope?

  • Reframe your perspective – Looking at the bigger picture is a good method to prevent yourself from falling into despair.  Be aware of the COVID survival numbers, businesses what have created new innovations to serve others, and understanding that all things (even bad things) eventually do come to an end.
  • Focus on what makes you feel alive – Keep doing those activities and hobbies that make you feel alive.  Listen to music, read books and go on that nature hike.
  • Count your blessing and watch for opportunities – Don’t forget about all of the good things in life that have gotten you to where you are today.  Remember all of those challenges in life that you have overcome.  Recent events may have knocked you down but that doesn’t mean that you’re out.  Keep looking for opportunities to make things better for yourself, your family and for all those around you.

Free consolation:

While discussing strategies is a good step towards reducing your stress levels, putting those strategies into practice is essential if you want measurable success.  Schedule a free consultation with our Certified Wellness Coach, Mark Connor, and let us help you make that plan today!

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