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Beyond the Nutrition

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 Beyond the Nutrition


It takes some time to improve your health, get into shape and improve your performance; it is not simple, but yes it is possible and you can do it. But the first step in creating the body you want is to accept this truth.

The practice of good nutrition has a lot more to do with action than just knowledge. You can know exactly what to eat to drop body fat, build muscle and control your blood sugar levels but you will still fall short of your goals if you don't actually do those things consistently. Inactivity and inconsistency are the biggest hurdles for a healthy lifestyle. Also, seeking knowledge without applying that knowledge consistency doesn't help us accomplish our goals because learning without doing doesn't lead to success. It is like a useless passive learning. Reading or learning is not enough to change your lifestyle, we need action based strategies.

Body composition changes is as much about rewiring your brain as it is about changing your diet. People often try to tough it out on their own, but almost nothing worth achieving can be done alone. The sooner you build a social circle that supports you, the sooner you will reach your goals. For optimal body composition, health and performance you will need strategies designed specifically for you! As your body changes, as you get leaner or gain muscles, you will have a different body and therefore different requirements. You will need strategies to counter life's obstacles so that no matter what challenges you face, such as a demanding job or busy travel schedule, you are prepared to success! A cookie-cutter plan will just not do it. 

Theory is great and without new theories the science will never advance. But, please forget about talking the talk. We are not debating here, you are trying to build a body you have never had before. You can not read or talk your way to a better body, you must work your way to it. 

It is often easier to talk about things than it is to actually do them. Our plan will go beyond theory, we will teach you what works and how to tweak the plan to fit your own lifestyle.

Come and experience the Genesis experience! If you are ready to learn and apply a proven success system that works in the short term and long term. If you are ready to make some improvements in your exercise and nutrition strategies once and for you all, we hope to inspire you to go one step beyond your success. We want you to become an amazing example of health and fitness for those around you. 

At Genesis you will learn what to eat & which foods are best for your goals. You will learn how much to eat, calorie intake and food portions. You will also learn how to it, rate of food intake and how to utilize your hunger and fullness cues. And so much more.


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