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How fast will I lose weight and how much weight can I expect to lose in the first 8 weeks?

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This will vary from individual to individual. This is not a “Hollywood Diet” or some other “quick-fix” where you lose a significant amount of weight overnight. There’s only ONE way to effectively lose body fat and keep it off and that’s with a sensible eating plan and effective exercise program. When you begin your program, the increased physical activity will often result in weight loss of a few pounds. The better you are at making the recommended changes in your diet the better your results will be.

The entire process of getting your body to effectively and efficiently burn stored body fat requires a synergistic approach of changes in your diet, cardiovascular exercise and resistance-based exercise. Your objective is to continually improve and progress in all THREE of these areas if you want to see your body change. For example, you can’t just do the resistance training and not make changes in your diet and expect to see significant changes.

The average person can expect to lose 1-3 pounds per week based upon the variables of total body weight, how much fat they need to lose, previous diet history and hydration level. Men typically lose faster than women due to more muscle, greater total body weight and higher levels of testosterone. Someone who has become over-fat by simply eating too many calories typically loses faster than someone who has been a starvation dieter or a yo-yo dieter. A decrease in 1-2% of body fat in the first 8 weeks is very good.

If you follow the program correctly, you’ll start to see significant changes during the first 8 weeks. You’ll know the program is working even without stepping on the scale by how your clothes fit.

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