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What do I do if I reach a plateau in my weight loss?

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Unfortunately, weight loss does not always occur in a linear fashion but rather happens in accordance to the physiological changes that are happening in your body. Think of it this way, your body likes to be in a state of balance. It will always look to achieve that sense of balance. If you’ve reached a plateau that means you need to change things up.

Our objective is to provide your body with the correct nutrition for releasing fat stores and continually improve on the intensity of your exercise so you’ll burn more of that fat. A common mistake people make is failing to increase their calories as they progress to higher levels of intensity with their workouts. Remember, calories are nothing more than fuel and you must provide your body with enough fuel to keep your metabolism on high and effectively burn stored body fat.

A metabolic profile is an extremely valuable and effective tool to use when you’ve reached a plateau. You can learn exactly how many calories you need to consume for weight loss, what foods are best to eat to make weight loss easier, and at what intensity (heart rate) you should be completing your cardio for maximum fat burning. We recommend you complete a metabolic profile as the first step in your weight loss program. Your metabolism in unique and therefore a personalized approach should be taken with nutrition and exercise strategies.

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