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I’ve been told I have a condition known as insulin resistance? Can you help me?

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Insulin regulates blood-sugar levels within an extremely narrow range. It is responsible for getting fat stored in our fat cells (adipose tissue), getting sugar stored in our liver and muscle cells (as glycogen), and getting amino acids directed toward protein synthesis (muscle building). When the body is under long periods of stress, its cells stop responding to insulin and switch from storage mode to secretion mode – your fat cells dump more fat into the system, liver cells crank out more glucose, and muscle cells allow protein to be broken down.

When your body’s cells ignore insulin on a regular basis, it leads to the condition known as insulin resistance which predisposes a person to the development of diabetes. While our program is not a cure all for health conditions, exercise on a regular basis coupled with eating right for your metabolic type has been known to help lower blood sugar levels and reduce the effects stress has on the body.

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