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  • Top Tips for Supplements

    Top Tips for Supplements

    We have all been there, looking through a fitness magazine, scrolling on social media, watching TV. Then all of a sudden, a product is being introduced to you. It often brings promises of making you look the best you can, it will help you get strong and healthy. Through clever marketing, after one sees this, they are often immediately interested and might even go to the store and buy some with the dream of achieving the promises the supplements offer. While some supplements offer benefits particularly if you are deficient in vitamin D for example, a supplement may be worth your money; however, sometimes purchasing a supplement can be confusing and too costly. Keep reading for our top ten ....

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  • Get The Most Out Of Your Protein

    Get The Most Out Of Your Protein

    Eating an adequate amount of protein is important for all diets and lifestyles. Whether you are trying to lose weight, gain weight, feel fuller at meals & throughout the day, or just upkeep a good health! Protein can be found in variety of foods and supplements. Protein in meats, poultry, fish, eggs & soybeans are known as complete proteins. A complete protein contains all of the amino acids that our bodies that to make a new protein. Incomplete proteins are also found throughout in food we eat. This means they are lacking at least one of the nine essential amino acids that our body can not make on its on. But, these are still important in diet as they can be eaten in combination ....

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  • How Important Is Protein?

    How Important Is Protein?

    Like many people you may track how many calories you are eating, but are you are aware of how much protein you are getting in your diet? Protein is an essential macronutrient, meaning our body requires it to stay healthy. Proteinplays a role in the creation and maintenance of all the cells in our bodies. Protein also fuels our cells so we have enough energy to stay active throughout the day. Protein has many other important functions in our bodies such as building & maintaining muscle mass, keeping blood sugars stable, building cartilage & skin, regulating hormones and maintaining hunger to name a few. See below for 4 reasons why you should include more protein in your diet ....

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  • How is Your Stability-Mobility Chain?

    How is Your Stability-Mobility Chain?

    If you’re looking to keep your workouts and daily activities safe and optimized, then understanding proper movement patterns is essential. The principle of the stability-mobility chain (created by Gray Cook and Mike Boyle) states that there is an alternating pattern in our joints, between mobility and stability, that works its way from the ground up. A healthy stability-mobility chain should look like this: Ankles - Mobile Knees - Stable Hips - Mobile Lumbar spine (lower back) - Stable Thoracic spine (middle to upper back) - Mobile Middle and lower cervical spine (near neck region) - Stable Upper Cervical region (neck region) – Mobile Shoulder - ....

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  • 4 Quick Tips to Lose Belly Fat

    4 Quick Tips to Lose Belly Fat

    Excessive body fat in any area of the body can be detrimental to overall health. Excessive fat in our midsection can be particularly dangerous. Excessive belly fat increases the risk of developing chronic conditions and diseases such as diabetes, cardiovascular disease, high blood pressure, certain cancers and even dementia! Excessive belly fat also relates to a type of fat known as visceral fat. Visceral fat is fat deep inside our abdomen that wraps around our internal organs. This fat is very dangerous and can not always be seen on the outside, unlike subcutaneous (surface) belly fat. Reducing our belly fat leads to a variety of different health benefits as well as a better body shape ....

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  • Lose The "COVID 15"!

    Sign up for our Lifestyle Nutrition Program today & get $100 off! Includes: Initial Body Composition Assessment Subscription to Meal Tracking Nutrition App Resting Metabolic Rate Testing Exercise Metabolic Rate Testing Meal Planning & Troubling Shooting Sessions Final Reassessment *Money back guarantee if do not lose weight in the first two weeks (terms & conditions apply)* ....

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  •  Beyond the Nutrition

    Beyond the Nutrition

    NUTRITION GOES FAR BEYOND THE FOOD It takes some time to improve your health, get into shapeand improve your performance; it is not simple, but yes it is possible and you can do it. But the first step in creating thebody you want is toaccept this truth. The practice of good nutrition has a lot more to do with action than justknowledge. You can knowexactly what to eat to drop body fat, buildmuscle and control your blood sugar levels but you will still fall short ofyour goals if youdon't actually do those things consistently. Inactivity and inconsistencyare the biggest hurdles for a healthy lifestyle. Also, seeking knowledgewithout applying that knowledgeconsistencydoesn't help ....

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  • What Happens When Blood Glucose is Too High or Too Low?

    What Happens When Blood Glucose is Too High or Too Low?

    Glucose is a sugar that we obtain from food that circulates within our blood. We use this sugar as our body's main source of energy. When we consume food, the sugar enters our body and moves from our digestive system to our blood stream. When our blood sugar concentrations increase, insulin is released from the pancreas and into our bloodstream. Insulin moves glucose from our blood into our cells, as this process happens our blood glucose levels return to normal.Excess glucose gets stored in our liver and muscles as glycogen. Glycogen helps our body remain in a stable state of homeostasis. Our cells need insulin and glucose to remain healthy. Too much or too little blood glucose to ....

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  • Why Managing Blood Sugar Is Critical to All

    Why Managing Blood Sugar Is Critical to All

    Long term blood sugar management is critical to health, as well as to body composition. Management of our blood sugar can prevent diseases such as type 2 diabetes, insulin resistance and lower the risk of cardiovascular events. Blood sugar levels fluctuate throughout the day, which is perfectly normal but it is important to maintain this at normal level. Times throughout the time of overeating, especially high glycemic foods, or long periods of no eating can place stress on our bodies and cause our levels to drop quickly. This stress response may release norepinephrine and epinephrine into our blood stress, which chronically can lead to a problem. Chronic, unmanaged stress will also ....

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  • Genesis Personal Fitness COVID 19 Protocols

    We are excited to be, safely, open for all of our members! Since our center opened on June 8th, 2020 we can proudly announce no COIVD-19 exposure or cases within our facility. Please see below for our current procedures to keep all staff & clients safe within our facility. Limit occupancy to no more than 12 people at any one time, including staff, within our 2000 sq ft, appointment only facility. Maintain our status as a medical fitness facility. This will require us to make sure we are communicating with the doctors regarding the fitness progress of the members they recommended come to us. This only applies to those members who have signed the release allowing us to send this ....

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