Dear Genesis members,

Thank you again for your patience and support during these difficult times. Currently, we plan to have a limited reopening on Monday, June 8th. As you know we have had a conditional waiver from Governor Tom Wolf to be open since March 31st, however out of care and concern for you, our staff and community we kept our facility closed.

Since then many of you have taken advantage of our virtual training classes and the feedback continues to be great. We could not be more pleased and we will continue to provide this service to all of our members as long as there is demand for it. However many of you have recently expressed your desire to come back to Genesis and continue your training there. In light of this and our mission to help you be the healthiest version of yourself, we’ve decided to reopen the facility on a limited basis on June 8, 2020.

In order to do this, we need to stay in compliance with the standards of our conditional waiver which includes the following:

  1. Limit occupancy to no more than 12 people at any one time, including staff. This will be simple for us since we are by appointment only.
  2. Comply with all CDC recommended guidelines.
  3. Maintain our status as a medical fitness facility. This will require us to make sure we are communicating with the doctors regarding the fitness progress of the members they recommended come to us. This only applies to those members who have signed the release allowing us to send this information to their doctor, which many members have.

Based on being able to meet and exceed the conditions of our waiver and the feedback we have received from our recent survey, we believe we are ready to reopen! The reopening will be done slowly starting with Phase 1. Below are the details.

In addition to our normal cleaning and sanitation practices, the protocols we have listed below are ways we can offer you a safe and productive workout. There is also a video link at the end of this message, demonstrating the new protocols. Please watch it!

PHASE 1: Reopening Protocols

  • Phase 1 will start on June 8 with the following protocols in place
Services and Programs:
  • There will be one on one personal training and limited group sessions available (onsite) at this time
    • Private Training Sessions and Group Training sessions will now be done at separate times. After each group session we will close the facility for 30 minutes to clean the equipment.
    • Virtual sessions will still be conducted as well, if you wish to continue training at home
  • Cardio equipment will not be available for use during this time.
  • Stretching sessions may be performed under the following conditions:
    • Stretching table and equipment will be wiped down before each session as was done in the past.
    • Masks and gloves must be worn by both the client and trainer during stretching sessions.
    • We will not perform any stretches that require face to face interaction
During facility opening:
  • All staff members have signed and will comply with workplace protocols
  • All staff members exhibiting any symptoms of being infected with COVID-19 while at work will notify the owners or Program Director immediately and discontinue training
  • All staff members will have their temperature checked upon arriving at work
    • Any staff member with a temperature of 100 degrees or more will go home.
  • Staff will be wearing masks while in the facility and will wear gloves while training clients.
  • All machines, equipment, and the front desk will be sprayed with Clear Gear disinfectant spray. Clear gear was highlighted in USA Today as one of the many disinfectants that protect against the coronavirus.
Before you workout:
  • Members must wear masks upon entry (and keep them on while in the facility)
  • Members will be required to sign an addendum to the standard waiver.
  • Staff will check client temperatures upon entry (via a touchless thermometer)
    • Those with a temperature of 100 degrees or more must go home
  • Members will use a touchless check in system
    • The receptionist or trainer will log you in upon entry. No signature required.
  • Seating in the lobby will be available with seats placed apart at the appropriate distances. However we recommend waiting in your car until it’s time for your session
  • Clients must use hand sanitizers before starting their workout (or use gloves)
  • The front desk will be wiped off with a disinfectant cleaner between client visitations
During Strength Workouts:
  • Clients and staff must wear masks
  • Gloves are optional
    • For those not using gloves, we will have several hand sanitizer locations on the strength training floor
  • Staff and clients to remain 6 ft apart when possible while on the strength training floor.
    • At times, staff may have to get closer to adjust items on the exercise equipment
    • Clients will be kept at least 1 empty machine apart from one another (while on Nautilus) at all times
  • The staff will clean each piece of exercise equipment immediately after use.
  • Weather permitting, windows and doors will be open slightly to allow more air to circulate throughout the facility.
Cleaning and other considerations:
  • Exercise equipment will be cleaned, by the staff, after each use by disinfectant wipes
  • The front desk will be wiped off and disinfected between client visitations
  • There will be an additional cleaning performed at the end of each shift
  • In addition to normal cleaning, bathrooms will be sprayed with Clear Gear disinfectant spray 3x per day (morning, noon, 3pm)
  • Restrooms are limited to only 1 person at a time
    • As always, staff and members must wash hands before leaving the restroom
    • Showers will not be in use over this time
    • Hand Sanitizer stations will be placed outside of the bathroom area.
  • The water cooler will not be available for use during this time
    • We encourage you to bring your own water bottle during this time
    • We will have water bottles for sale if needed.
Facility Closing:
  • The staff will conduct our standard closing cleaning procedures at the end of the business day.

Click Here for Short Video on Phase 1 Protocols

If you have any questions or concerns, please contact us. Thank you again for your support and we look forward to serving you with all of your wellness needs.


Kelley and Nancy Tate

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